Opportunities and Changes in the 2023 Pickleball Tournament Schedule

An Expanded Pathway to Glory

The anticipation for the 2023 pickleball season is building, and with it comes exciting updates and changes to the tournament schedule. As players and fans eagerly await the forthcoming championships, let’s delve into the recent announcement that adds a twist to the qualifying procedures for the national championships.

Golden Tickets for Diamond Amateur Championship Gold Medalists

Starting in 2023, a new opportunity awaits the gold medalists from the 2022 Diamond Amateur Championship at Pictona. These extraordinary athletes will receive pre-registration, granting them exclusive “golden tickets” to the 2023 national championships. This exciting addition provides an automatic pathway for the reigning champions, acknowledging their exceptional skills and performance on the court.

The Chance for Silver and Bronze

Not only do the gold medalists receive this remarkable privilege, but the silver and bronze medalists from the 2022 Diamond Amateur Championship at Pictona will also have a shot at competing in the 2023 national championships. Eligible for Phase 1 of the national championships lottery, these talented athletes have the opportunity to secure a place in the prestigious tournament, provided that there are available openings after Phase 1 is complete.

Inclusion for All Regional Tournament Medalists

Emphasizing fairness and inclusivity, the qualification process for the national championships extends to all medalists from the 2023 regional tournaments. Regardless of medal color, these dedicated pickleball players will be eligible for Phase 2 of the national championships lottery. This means that anyone who stands out in their regional tournament has the chance to compete at the highest national level, showcasing their talent and determination.

Encouragement and Excitement

The new qualifying procedures for the 2023 national championships bring a fresh energy to the pickleball community. By offering direct entries to gold medalists, ensuring opportunities for silver and bronze contenders, and including regional tournament medalists, the tournament organizers have created a balanced and merit-based system.

This approach motivates talented players to not only strive for victory in their respective tournaments but also presents a clear pathway for them to advance further in their pickleball career. The prospect of earning a “golden ticket” or securing a place through the lottery system will undoubtedly ignite a sense of enthusiasm and dedication among pickleball enthusiasts across the nation.


With the 2023 pickleball season on the horizon, the tournament schedule is set to bring forth thrilling competitions and new opportunities for players. The addition of golden tickets for gold medalists, lottery chances for silver and bronze medalists, and inclusion for regional tournament medalists opens doors to success and recognition at the national championships.

As the pickleball community eagerly awaits the upcoming season, these updates to the process of qualifying for the national championships are likely to spark even more excitement, encouraging players to push their boundaries and showcase their skills on the courts. The evolving landscape of pickleball tournaments creates a stage for talent to shine and further cements the sport’s popularity as it continues to capture the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.

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