The Rise of Pickleball in Wheat Ridge: Lucky’s Market Gets a New Makeover

Colorado’s Largest Indoor Pickleball Complex to Open in Wheat Ridge

For over three years, Lucky’s Market in Wheat Ridge has been without a jar of pickles. However, the vacant 35,000-square-foot space at West 38th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard will soon be transformed into something entirely different – Colorado’s largest indoor pickleball complex. 3rd Shot Pickleball, the operator, has recently signed a 10-year lease with building owner Quadrant Properties and plans to open its doors to pickleball enthusiasts on October 1st.

The owners of 3rd Shot Pickleball, Max Ireland and Adam Kahn, have carefully designed the complex to provide an exceptional playing experience. Thirteen courts, separated by 10-foot netting, will be laid out inside the spacious building. The building’s dimensions and high ceilings make it an ideal location for the complex, with enough space for the courts and support columns. This stroke of luck allows 3rd Shot Pickleball to offer a top-notch facility for players to enjoy the sport they love.

Pickleball, a popular sport in recent years, has faced complaints regarding noise levels from its hard paddles and plastic balls. However, the indoor nature of 3rd Shot Pickleball eliminates this concern. Wheat Ridge’s Economic Development Manager, Steve Art, believes that having the complex as an indoor facility will benefit neighbors who may have been bothered by pickleball noise in the past.

The opening of the pickleball complex marks the end of a three-year mystery about what would occupy the prominent space at Wheat Ridge’s main retail center, The Corners. The closure of Lucky’s Market in January 2020 left the building vacant, making it exciting to see a new use for the space. Wheat Ridge residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to engage in a fun and growing sport, contributing to the overall community development.

3rd Shot Pickleball plans to offer more than just an exceptional playing experience. Alongside the courts, there will be a full bar, serving a variety of drinks including mocktails, smoothies, and shakes for younger players. Hungry players can satisfy their appetites with pretzels, pizza, and chips and salsa. The facility will offer memberships, as well as opportunities for drop-in players, clinics, lessons, and league play, ensuring that players of all levels can enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Wheat Ridge isn’t the only city in Colorado embracing the pickleball craze. The Westminster Pickleball Food Pub, which opened in 2022, features eight indoor courts and offers a unique dining experience. Additionally, plans have been submitted for Camp Pickle, a proposed 70,000-square-foot facility in Centennial, featuring 14 indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, as well as a restaurant and bar. Kansas City-based Chicken N Pickle is also planning to open two pickleball venues in Colorado next year, further highlighting the growing popularity of the sport.

Max Ireland and Adam Kahn, the local owners of 3rd Shot Pickleball, take pride in their extensive experience in Colorado. With nearly 50 years of combined residency, they bring a sense of community and authenticity to the pickleball scene. Despite the presence of large national chains entering the Denver area, they highlight the value of being local operators, bringing a personal touch to the sport.

The opening of Colorado’s largest indoor pickleball complex in Wheat Ridge is an exciting development for both pickleball enthusiasts and the local community. The transformation of the former Lucky’s Market space into a state-of-the-art facility brings a renewed energy to the area and offers a fun and engaging activity for residents and visitors alike. Wheat Ridge continues to evolve and embrace new opportunities, making it an even more vibrant and desirable destination in Colorado.

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