The Rise of Pickleball: A Sport for All

The 5 Rules of Pickleball

Pickleball, a fast-growing sport, has captured the attention of enthusiasts across the country. Whether you’re seeking competitive play or a leisurely weekend hobby, pickleball offers something for everyone. If you’re new to the sport and wondering how to play, this article will guide you through the five essential rules of pickleball.

No Volleying in “The Kitchen”

One of the fundamental rules of pickleball is the restriction on volleying in “The Kitchen.” The non-volley zone (NVZ), also known as “The Kitchen,” is a designated area seven feet off the net on both sides of the court. It is important to remember that if you step on the line, you are considered to be in the kitchen. To maintain fairness, players cannot touch the kitchen before, during, or after executing a volley. For a detailed understanding of kitchen rules, be sure to check out our blog on the subject.

There Must Be One Bounce Per Side

Pickleball has a unique rule called the “two-bounce rule.” According to this rule, the ball must bounce at least once on each side of the court during every rally, including the serve and the return. Once the ball has satisfied this requirement, players are free to hit it in the air or let it bounce before returning it to their opponents.

You Must Serve at the Baseline

Serving the ball in pickleball comes with specific guidelines. To maintain fairness and consistency, players must serve from the baseline, the back line of the court. The serve should be performed underhand, with the ball hit diagonally over the net and across the court. Interestingly, if the ball hits the net during the serve but avoids touching the kitchen and lands in the correct service court, it is still considered in play.

Serves Cannot Land in the Non-Volley Zone

Another crucial rule pertains to the serve in pickleball. It is essential to ensure that the ball does not land in the kitchen during the serve. This includes both the physical kitchen area and any demarcation lines. If the ball lands on any line other than the kitchen, it is considered out of bounds. However, if the ball lands on the kitchen line, it is still deemed a part of the kitchen, resulting in a fault.

The Game Ends at 11, 15, or 21 Points

A typical pickleball game concludes when a player or team reaches 11 points. However, to secure victory, the winner(s) must have a lead of at least two points. For example, if one person has 11 points while their opponent has 10, the game continues until the winner fulfills the two-point requirement. Tournament games may also be played to 15 or 21 points, depending on the organizers. The “win by 2” rule ensures a fair competition where a clear victory is achieved.

The Perfect Gear: Pickleball Sunglasses

Now that we’ve covered the essential rules of pickleball, let’s delve into the gear required for optimal play. Alongside your paddle and pickleball, a pair of sunglasses is an absolute necessity to enhance your performance on the court.

When selecting pickleball sunglasses, consider a lightweight and durable frame material that offers comfort and stability. A bulky or flimsy frame could impede your movement and hinder your gameplay. Grips on the temples and nose pad provide both comfort and a secure fit during high-intensity matches. A wrap-around design ensures optimal coverage, visibility, and eye protection. Additionally, look for sunglasses with features such as frame ventilation to prevent fogging and lens coatings to repel sweat and moisture.

Opting for lenses with contrast enhancement can significantly enhance your visibility while playing pickleball. If eye protection is a priority, sunglasses with safety ratings offer maximum assurance. However, it is important to avoid polarized lenses, as they can affect depth perception and reaction time, which are crucial in fast-paced pickleball matches.

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