Creating the Ultimate Indoor Pickleball Facility

The Revival of Pickleball

Pickleball, a rapidly growing sport in the United States, has gained immense popularity over the years. With an expanding player base and the rise of professional organizations such as USA Pickleball and Major League Pickleball, the demand for quality indoor pickleball facilities has also increased. Unlike outdoor courts, indoor facilities offer year-round protection from the elements, allowing for uninterrupted play and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or cancellations due to severe weather.

Designing the Perfect Structure

When planning to build an indoor pickleball facility, it is essential for businesses, recreation centers, and sports complexes to consider the unique design requirements of such a structure. The first step is to determine the number of courts and whether they will be dedicated pickleball courts or a combination of tennis and pickleball with blended lines. Clearspan Structures’ director of marketing, Tania Tomoroga, emphasizes the importance of understanding the facility’s location and the desired playing environment before deciding on the structure’s design.

Choosing the Ideal Cladding

The choice of cladding for the indoor pickleball facility is crucial for creating a comfortable playing space. Insulated metal panels offer durability and excellent thermal efficiency, making them ideal for facilities located in severe climates. On the other hand, fabric cladding has become increasingly popular due to its natural translucency and climate-sensitive properties. Clearspan’s fabric covers allow sunlight to filter in, creating a pleasant environment that keeps the interior naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Considerations for Court Construction

The construction of courts plays a vital role in ensuring a superior pickleball experience. Indoor facilities eliminate the need for grading the surface for proper drainage, allowing operations to focus on creating a level playing surface. It is recommended to use a 100 acrylic coating for the courts, providing a dependable base for play while minimizing slipping and player injuries. Court colors should contrast with the pickleball color for optimal ball visibility, with blue courts being a popular choice.

Optimizing Court Dimensions and Quantity

To create a consistent playing experience, indoor pickleball facilities should adhere to specific court dimensions and layouts. Side-lines should span 44′, baselines should measure 20′ in length, and the centerline should run from the baseline to the non-volley zone. Service areas should be 15′ long on either side of the net, and non-volley zones should be 7′ wide on opposite sides of the net. Net height should be 36″ at the sidelines and slope down to 34″ in the center.

Creating Ample Playing Space

The number of courts and spacing within the facility are critical considerations. A minimum of eight courts is recommended to provide flexibility for various types of play, from smaller tournaments to recreational clubs. Adequate spacing is essential to prevent players from getting too close to walls, fences, or each other, preventing potential injuries. An indoor pickleball facility designed as an all-in-one venue should also accommodate extra amenities such as concession areas, locker rooms, spectator sections, or a pro shop.

The Opelika Sportsplex: A Model Facility

The Opelika Sportsplex in Alabama serves as an excellent example of a well-designed indoor pickleball facility. With a clearspan fabric truss building that spans 140′ in width and 210′ in length, the facility provides ample coverage for twelve indoor pickleball courts. This dedicated indoor venue allows players to enjoy the sport regardless of weather conditions. Building an indoor pickleball facility has had a significant impact on the local community, with its convenience and versatility attracting a growing number of fans and players.

A Bright Future for Indoor Pickleball Facilities

Building an indoor pickleball facility has become a priority for many operations wanting to capitalize on the sport’s growing popularity. Clearspan Structures offer customizable solutions that can be expanded upon in the future, allowing businesses to adapt to changing demands. As the sport continues to thrive and gain interest, having adequate court capacity and well-designed facilities will be crucial for providing an optimal pickleball experience.

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