Colorado’s Largest Indoor Pickleball Complex Set to Open in Former Lucky’s Market Location


Wheat Ridge residents will soon have a unique addition to their community as the former Lucky’s Market location is transformed into Colorado’s largest indoor pickleball complex. The empty 35,000-square-foot space will be occupied by 3rd Shot Pickleball, a nascent operator that plans to lay out 13 courts complete with a bar and lounge area. With a 10-year lease signed, the company is aiming to open its doors for business on October 1st.

A Perfect Fit

The building that once housed Lucky’s Market has proven to be the perfect space for a pickleball complex, with its high ceilings and ample room for courts. The owners, Max Ireland and Adam Kahn, looked at numerous sites before settling on the shuttered grocer. They have invested nearly a million dollars into the project, highlighting the challenges in finding suitable locations for pickleball facilities.

The Third Shot Pickleball Experience

The name 3rd Shot Pickleball derives from the importance of the third hit in a point. This shot allows players to attack the opponent without waiting for the ball to bounce. Adam Kahn emphasizes that the effectiveness of the third shot determines the overall success of the point 80% of the time. With the inclusion of 13 courts, separated by netting, players can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted game without the fear of collisions.

A Solution to Noise Complaints

Pickleball’s rising popularity has led to complaints about the noise generated by the sport’s equipment. Centennial and Denver, for instance, had to temporarily ban the construction and use of new outdoor pickleball courts due to noise concerns. However, the indoor nature of 3rd Shot Pickleball will eliminate noise issues for neighbors living near the Lucky’s building. Wheat Ridge’s Economic Development Manager, Steve Art, acknowledges that having an indoor facility will alleviate concerns about pickleball noise.

A Welcome Revival

With the lease signed for the former Lucky’s Market location, Wheat Ridge’s main retail center, The Corners, will once again bustle with activity. The building had remained vacant for several years, leaving many wondering what would occupy such a prominent space. The introduction of Colorado’s largest indoor pickleball complex brings new life and excitement to the area.

Competition and Local Pride

While 3rd Shot Pickleball will be the largest indoor pickleball complex in Colorado, it will face competition from other venues in the state. Westminster’s Pickleball Food Pub, which opened in 2022, offers eight indoor courts, while plans have been submitted for Camp Pickle, a proposed 70,000-square-foot facility in Centennial. Additionally, national chain Chicken N Pickle has announced its plans to open two pickleball venues in Colorado next year. Despite the increasing presence of larger brands, 3rd Shot Pickleball owners Max Ireland and Adam Kahn take pride in their local roots, having lived in Colorado for nearly 50 years.

In conclusion, Wheat Ridge residents can look forward to the opening of Colorado’s largest indoor pickleball complex, 3rd Shot Pickleball. This exciting addition to the community will provide a space for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy the sport without the noise concerns that have plagued other locations. With its convenient location and impressive facilities, 3rd Shot Pickleball is set to become a popular destination for players of all skill levels.

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