The Inaugural SRC Pickleball Tournament: A Must-Attend Event for All Pickleball Enthusiasts!

Calling All Pickleball Players: Join the Excitement of the 2v2 Pickleball Tournament!

If you’re a pickleball fanatic or even someone who is curious to experience the hottest sport in the country, the inaugural SRC Pickleball Tournament is an event that you cannot afford to miss! This tournament offers the perfect platform to test your skills, whether you’re a die-hard pickleball player or a first-timer eager to dive into the sport.

Sign up Now for a Chance to Compete!

Teams have the opportunity to sign up for the tournament in advance at the SRC service desk. This allows you to secure your spot in the tournament and guarantee a partner of your choice. However, if you’d prefer some uncertainty and excitement, you can register as an individual player and be randomly partnered with someone on the day of the event.

All Are Welcome: RRCC Students, Staff, and Local College Students

The SRC Pickleball Tournament is open to all RRCC students and staff, as well as local college students. However, please note that a valid student ID is required for participation. This inclusive approach ensures that the tournament brings together pickleball lovers from various backgrounds and creates a dynamic and competitive atmosphere for all.

Making the Event Accessible for Everyone

No one should be left out from the excitement of the tournament, which is why accessibility services are available for those who require special accommodations. If you need accessibility assistance, simply contact the accessibility services team at 303-914-6733 or email them at It is vital to make such requests at least one week prior to the event to ensure sufficient time for arrangements.

Embrace the Thrill of the Inaugural SRC Pickleball Tournament!

In conclusion, the inaugural SRC Pickleball Tournament promises an unforgettable experience for all pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious beginner, this event offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, compete against worthy opponents, and embrace the electrifying atmosphere. Sign up now and get ready to enjoy an incredible day of pickleball action!

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