Opinions on Pickleball: The Fun and Fast-Growing Sport

Discover the Excitement of Pickleball

Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, has been rapidly gaining popularity in South Suburban and beyond. It’s a game that appeals to people of all ages, providing a great physical workout along with fun and social interaction. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, pickleball has something to offer everyone.

The Skill Ratings: Where Do You Stand?

When it comes to pickleball, it’s important to determine your skill level to ensure you find the right competition and improve your game effectively. Here are the skill ratings to help you understand where you stand:

1.0 to 2.0 Skill Rating

Players within this skill range are just starting out with little to no previous sports background. They may have a minimal understanding of the rules and gameplay.

2.5 Skill Rating

At this level, players have some experience and can maintain a short rally with equal-skilled opponents. They also possess basic scorekeeping abilities.

3.0 Skill Rating

Players with a 3.0 skill rating have developed the ability to hit medium-paced shots. While they may lack consistency and directional intent, they are beginning to understand fundamental rules and court positioning. This skill level allows players to participate in tournaments.

3.5 Skill Rating

Those with a 3.5 skill rating show improved stroke development and moderate shot control on both forehand and backhand. They are starting to vary their game and understand the difference between hard and soft gameplay. Additionally, they are learning proper court positioning and can sustain short rallies.

4.0 Skill Rating

Players with a 4.0 skill rating consistently hit forehand and backhand shots with depth and control. They are aware of their partner’s position on the court and can move as a team. These players exhibit a broad knowledge of the rules and understand stacking techniques. They also begin to identify opponents’ weaknesses and formulate game plans for attack.

The Engaging Pickleball Experience

As you progress in your pickleball journey, you’ll likely find the sport increasingly captivating. With each skill level, the game offers new challenges and opportunities for growth. Pickleball fosters a dynamic and competitive environment that encourages players to improve their abilities.

Seek Out Competitive Play

Pickleball provides numerous avenues for competitive play, whether it be local tournaments or organized recreational events. As you become more confident in your skills, don’t hesitate to explore these opportunities. Engaging with more experienced players can help elevate your game and lead to even greater enjoyment of the sport.


Pickleball’s rise in popularity is well-deserved, considering its unique blend of different sports and its accessibility to players of all ages. The skill ratings offer a tangible way for players to gauge their progress and find suitable opponents. By actively participating in pickleball activities and seeking new challenges, players can enhance their skills and deepen their love for this engaging and thrilling sport.

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