The Rise of Pickleball: A Beginner-Friendly Sport Taking the Nation by Storm


Pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport, has gained immense popularity in recent years. The simplicity of the game, along with its inviting community and affordable nature, has made it a favorite among beginners and seasoned athletes alike. In this article, we will explore why pickleball is becoming a staple in fitness routines, provide essential tips for beginners, and discuss how to minimize the risk of injuries.

The Beginner’s Paradise

One of the main reasons behind pickleball’s allure is its beginner-friendly nature. Unlike other racquet sports like tennis or badminton, pickleball is widely accessible to novices. The smaller court, slower ball, and easier paddle control make it less intense and challenging for beginners. As a result, players do not have to move around as much and can sustain longer rallies. The hand-eye coordination required is also less demanding, allowing newcomers to enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed.

A Social and Affordable Sport

Apart from its beginner-friendliness, pickleball offers a vibrant and inviting community. Most players engage in doubles matches, creating a social atmosphere on the court. Additionally, the sport is relatively affordable. Unlike other sports that require expensive equipment, pickleball only requires a pickleball paddle and a few balls. Many community parks offer free outdoor courts, making pickleball accessible to everyone.

A Great Workout Wrapped in Fun

Beyond the social aspects, pickleball also provides an excellent workout. The game involves constant movement in all directions, challenges coordination, and increases heart rate. Moreover, the fun factor of pickleball is undeniable. When people enjoy their workouts, they are more likely to participate consistently, allowing pickleball to become a staple in their fitness routines.

Getting Started: Essential Tips for Beginners

To embark on your pickleball journey, a few essentials must be considered. Firstly, you’ll need a pickleball paddle, which can be purchased online or at sporting goods stores. You may also rent a paddle at fitness facilities. Pickleballs, which differ from tennis balls, can be found at the same retailers as the paddles. Next, suitable attire that allows ease of movement is recommended. Court shoes, designed specifically for pickleball or tennis, offer the best support for lateral movements and provide more grip than regular athletic shoes.

Learning the Basics: Rules and Etiquette

Before stepping onto the court, familiarize yourself with the basic rules of pickleball. A visual demonstration can be helpful, and there are various online resources available. Pickleball is typically played in doubles. The serving team starts behind the baseline, and the opposing team stands diagonally.

The serve is underhand, and there are two options: the drop serve and the tossed serve. The serve must cross diagonally into the box on the other side of the court. After the serve, the ball must bounce once on each side before being hit out of the air. Standing in the kitchen requires letting the ball bounce before hitting it.

The objective is to win a rally by forcing the opponents into a fault, such as hitting the ball out of bounds, into the net, or allowing it to bounce twice. Scoring goes up to 11 points, with a winning margin of 2. Basic etiquette, including being respectful, not hogging the ball, and offering encouragement, should always be observed.

Staying Safe: Reducing the Risk of Injuries

While pickleball is generally safe, overuse injuries can occur if players increase their intensity without proper preparation. To minimize the risk of injuries, incorporating full-body strength training into your routine is recommended. Two sessions per week focused on squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, and pressing movements can help prepare your body for the demands of the game. This preventive measure will ensure that you can enjoy pickleball without the setback of injuries.

Seeking Help and Falling in Love with the Game

It is important to remember that trying the game itself is the best way to learn pickleball. However, if you are hesitant, working with a coach or enrolling in an intro to pickleball course can provide additional guidance and support. Once you experience the joy and excitement of playing pickleball, time will pass quickly. The fun and addictive nature of the game often leads players to extend their playing time far beyond their initial plans.

Pickleball’s rise to fame as America’s fastest-growing sport is no coincidence. Its beginner-friendly nature, social aspect, affordability, and numerous health benefits make it a game worth trying. So gather your paddle, find a court, and dive into the thrilling world of pickleball!

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