Opportunities and Qualifications for the 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament Season

Enhancing the Path to National Championships

Are you a pickleball enthusiast eagerly waiting for the 2023 tournament season? Well, get ready because the upcoming season brings exciting opportunities and qualifying procedures for the national championships. The USA Pickleball Association has introduced new steps that add value and competitiveness to the sport.

Securing a Spot at the National Championships

The coveted national championships are the pinnacle of pickleball success. Securing a spot in this prestigious tournament has become even more enticing for gold, silver, and bronze medalists from the 2022 Diamond Amateur Championship at Pictona. These exceptional athletes will receive pre-registration privileges, or “golden tickets,” guaranteeing their participation in the 2023 national championships.

A Shot at the National Championships Lottery

For those striving to earn their place on the national stage, even if they didn’t clinch a gold, silver, or bronze medal at the Diamond Amateur Championship, there is still hope. Silver and bronze medalists from the 2022 championship will have a chance to enter a lottery system called “Phase 1 of the 2023 National Championships Lottery.”

This introduces an element of chance and excitement for those who displayed exceptional skills and placed in the top positions at the Diamond Amateur Championship. These talented individuals will get a chance to secure a spot if any openings remain after Phase 1.

Road to Nationals: Regional Tournaments

But the opportunities do not end there. The USA Pickleball Association aims to give all medalists from the 2023 regional tournaments an equal shot at participating in the national championships. Reaching the podium in regional tournaments will make these athletes eligible for Phase 2 of the National Championships Lottery.

This approach not only acknowledges outstanding performances in regional events but also ensures that the national championships remain inclusive and open to all dedicated pickleball players throughout the country.

Striving for Excellence

The introduction of these new procedures for the 2023 season highlights the USA Pickleball Association’s commitment to fostering a competitive environment and encouraging players to strive for excellence. By providing various avenues for qualification, the sport becomes more exciting, and each athlete has an opportunity to prove their skills on a national platform.


The 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament season promises to be an exhilarating journey for athletes and pickleball enthusiasts alike. The addition of pre-registration privileges for gold medalists and a lottery system for silver and bronze medalists from the previous year’s championship enhances the competitiveness of the national championships. Furthermore, recognizing outstanding performances in regional tournaments ensures a level playing field for all players. With these developments, the USA Pickleball Association demonstrates its dedication to promoting excellence and inclusivity within the sport. So, get ready for an action-packed season and witness the epitome of pickleball success at the 2023 national championships.

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