MLP 2023 Season Two: A Whole New Level of Pickleball Action!


The anticipation is over! The MLP 2023 season draft results have finally been announced, and the pickleball community couldn’t be more excited. With promising Premier and Challenger level teams, this season promises to be packed with thrilling matches and fierce competition. Get ready for a whole new level of pickleball action!

Leveling Up the Game

MLP, short for Major League Pickleball, has taken the sport to new heights. Combining top-ranked pro players and influential team owners, MLP has created an unparalleled professional sports experience. The game has been leveled up, and the excitement is palpable. With 24 hometown teams competing across six bombastic events nationwide, there’s no shortage of nail-biting action.

A League Like No Other

The popularity of MLP is undeniable, and there’s a good reason for it. It’s not just about the thrilling matches or the substantial prize money; it’s about the sense of fan pride that comes with supporting your hometown team. MLP has successfully created a league that fosters a deep connection between players and fans, making the sport even more engaging and memorable.

The ’40 by 30 Project

MLP is not just focused on the present; they have an eye on the future as well. The ’40 by 30 Project is MLP’s ambitious mission to introduce pickleball to 40 million people and communities by 2030. It’s a project that reflects their passion and commitment to spreading the joy of the sport to every corner of the globe.

Leveled Up Stakes

If the intense competition wasn’t enough, MLP has brought forth staggering prize money, with up to five million dollars at stake. This not only adds an extra level of excitement to the matches but also attracts top-tier talent from around the world. The stakes have been raised, and players are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory and the coveted bragging rights.


MLP’s 2023 season two draft results have set the stage for an unforgettable season of pickleball. With its unique blend of pro players, influential owners, and a passionate fan base, MLP has established itself as a league like no other. The ’40 by 30 Project showcases their commitment to expanding the reach of pickleball, while the generous prize money makes the competition even fiercer. Get ready to witness a whole new level of pickleball action – it’s going to be legendary!

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