Exploring Pickleball Food Pub: A Haven for Pickleball Enthusiasts


Pickleball Food Pub, located in Colorado, welcomes all pickleball enthusiasts to its state-of-the-art facility. Boasting 7,000 registered members and offering a range of amenities, this pub is the go-to place for both seasoned players and beginners. From top-notch courts to a full bar, Pickleball Food Pub has something for everyone.

A Premier Pickleball Facility

Pickleball Food Pub takes pride in being one of the few indoor pickleball facilities in the Denver metro area. Featuring eight outdoor-surfaced and indoor-certified courts by the American Pickleball Association, this pub ensures a high-quality playing experience. Whether you are a professional or just starting out, Pickleball Food Pub offers a wide range of options. From free introductory classes to weekly pro courses, their experienced coaches will guide you at every step.

Affordable and Accessible

Pickleball Food Pub aims to make pickleball accessible to everyone. With court rentals priced between $36 and $40 per hour, this facility ensures that players can enjoy their favorite sport without breaking the bank. Additionally, paddle rentals are available at the nominal cost of $5, with the pub providing the balls. This makes it convenient for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Membership Benefits

While a player’s account is free, Pickleball Food Pub also offers membership programs with exclusive benefits. Becoming a member opens up additional opportunities and perks, making the pickleball experience even more enjoyable. To learn more about the membership programs or start your journey, visit their website today.

League Play and Tournaments

Pickleball Food Pub is not just a place for recreational play, but also a hub for competitive league play. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, the pub hosts doubles leagues for men, women, and mixed partners. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills and engage in thrilling matches with like-minded individuals. Additionally, the pub organizes tournaments, providing players with a chance to showcase their abilities and compete for exciting prizes. With the support of sponsors such as Breckinridge Brewery, Left Hand Brewery, and Tito’s Vodka, these tournaments offer a fun and competitive environment for pickleball enthusiasts.

Food and Drinks

Pickleball Food Pub not only offers an exceptional pickleball experience but also satisfies your cravings. With a full bar that serves a wide selection of local beers on tap, in-house infused cocktails, and a menu crafted to delight your taste buds, the pub ensures that your visit is memorable both on and off the court. Their partnership with local food vendors ensures that you can savor delicious dishes while enjoying your time at the pub.


With Pickleball Food Pub, pickleball enthusiasts have found their haven. Whether you are looking for recreational play, league matches, or competitive tournaments, this facility caters to all your pickleball needs. The combination of top-notch courts, exceptional coaching, affordable prices, and a vibrant atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for both professionals and beginners. So, pack your paddle and head to Pickleball Food Pub for an unmatched pickleball experience.

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