Advancing Pickleball: Enhancing Power and Spin

Revolutionizing the Game with VANGUARD Power Air Technology

Unleashing Potential

The game of pickleball has seen a dramatic transformation in recent years, with power and spin taking center stage. As the sport continues to evolve, players are constantly searching for the perfect paddle that combines both strength and finesse. Enter VANGUARD Power Air, the result of two years of extensive research and development in collaboration with esteemed pickleball professionals such as Tyson McGuffin.

Increasingly Focused on Power and Spin

In response to the growing demands of professional pickleball, where power and spin have become crucial for dominating opponents, the larger pickleball community has also recognized the benefits of these aspects. With this in mind, the VANGUARD Power Air technology was born – a revolutionary paddle designed to empower players with complete control of the court, unmatched power, and maximum spin.

Pushing Boundaries

In its quest to continuously innovate and redefine the game, Selkirk has long been a pioneer of edgeless technology. While edgeless paddles have been around for several years, the Power Air takes it a step further by introducing numerous performance enhancements. Crafted with a durable polymer honeycomb core, this paddle not only offers an unparalleled level of endurance but also elevates the overall playing experience with its exceptional feel.

Answering the Community’s Call

The release of the VANGUARD Power Air paddle has been met with much anticipation and enthusiasm from the pickleball community. For years, players have yearned for the ultimate power paddle that perfectly combines strength, control, and precision. Selkirk listened to these demands and carefully crafted the Power Air, ultimately providing pickleball enthusiasts with the tool they have long been asking for.

The Future of Pickleball

The introduction of the VANGUARD Power Air paddle signifies a turning point in the sport of pickleball. No longer just a recreational pastime, it has elevated itself to a new level of competitiveness and finesse. This paddle empowers players to push their limits, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to dominate the court with masterful control and unprecedented spin.

As the sport of pickleball continues to evolve, one thing is certain: innovation will always be at its core. Selkirk’s commitment to enhancing the playing experience through continuous research and development sets a benchmark for the industry. The VANGUARD Power Air paddle serves as a testament to the sport’s bright future and the boundless possibilities it holds.

With VANGUARD Power Air in hand, the game of pickleball will never be the same. Prepare to experience a new era of power, spin, and exhilaration on the court.

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