The Excitement Builds for the 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament Season

Qualifying Procedures for the National Championships

The anticipation for the 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament season is already building, with players and fans eagerly awaiting the exciting competition that lies ahead. As the schedule for the upcoming season is released, players are keen to secure their spot in the highly anticipated National Championships. In addition to the tournament schedule, there are some new qualifying procedures that will add even more excitement and competitiveness to the event.

Golden Tickets for Gold Medalists

The 2022 Diamond Amateur Championship at Pictona holds a special significance for participants, as gold medalists from this event will receive pre-registration, also known as “golden tickets,” into the 2023 National Championships. This prestigious reward recognizes the outstanding skill and dedication of these players and provides them with the opportunity to secure their place in the upcoming championships without going through the lottery system.

Opportunities for Silver and Bronze Medalists

Not only gold medalists but also silver and bronze medalists from the 2022 Diamond Amateur Championship at Pictona will have a chance to qualify for the 2023 National Championships. If openings remain after the first phase of lottery selections, these talented players will be eligible for phase 1 of the lottery. This exciting opportunity ensures that those who narrowly missed out on the top spot still have a chance to showcase their skills on the national stage.

Regional Tournaments as a Gateway

The 2023 Regional Tournaments play a crucial role in determining the participants for the National Championships. All medalists from these regional tournaments will be eligible for phase 2 of the national championships lottery. This inclusion guarantees that players who excel in their respective regions are recognized and provided with an opportunity to compete at the highest level nationwide.

The Buzz Surrounding the 2023 Season

As players absorb the new qualifying procedures, the excitement and buzz surrounding the 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament season continue to grow. These new additions ensure that both seasoned players and rising stars have a fair chance to participate in the highly sought-after National Championships. The competitive spirit and thrill of the game are elevated with these qualifying procedures, making the tournament a must-watch for all pickleball enthusiasts.


The 2023 USA Pickleball Tournament season promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for players and fans. With the introduction of the golden tickets for gold medalists, the opportunities for silver and bronze medalists, and the recognition of talent through regional tournaments, the road to the National Championships becomes even more exhilarating. As the anticipation builds and players strive to secure their spot, pickleball enthusiasts from across the country eagerly await the start of the 2023 season and the electrifying battles that lie ahead.

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