Opinion: The Excitement of the MLP 2023 Season Two Draft


The recently announced draft results for the MLP 2023 Season Two have left fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming matches. With premier and challenger level teams competing, there is no doubt that this season will be filled with thrilling pickleball action. The draft results have brought together a mix of top-ranked pro players and influential team owners, promising to level up the game and provide fans with an unforgettable season.

A New Era of Pickleball

The MLP 2023 Season Two draft results mark the beginning of a new era for pickleball. With 24 hometown teams competing across six bombastic events nationwide, the excitement and fan pride are sure to reach new heights. The prospect of playing for up to five million dollars in prize money adds an extra level of intensity to the matches. This elevated stakes bring out the best in the players and make every point even more thrilling to watch.

Levelling Up the Fan Experience

One of the most appealing aspects of the MLP 2023 Season Two is the focus on fan experience. The league aims to bring the joy of pickleball to 40 million people and communities by 2030 through their ’40 by 30′ project. This commitment to inclusivity and accessibility sets the MLP apart from other professional sports leagues. It is refreshing to see a league that values its fans and actively works towards engaging a wider audience.

Looking Ahead

As the premier and challenger level teams prepare for their matches, fans can look forward to a season filled with intense rivalries and unforgettable moments. The draft results have set the stage for some epic battles on the championship court. Whether it be the premier quarterfinals or the challenger finals, every match promises to be a spectacle.


The MLP 2023 Season Two draft results have set the tone for an exciting season of pickleball. With its mission of inclusivity and community engagement, the league is showcasing what makes it unique. The commitment to the fans and the elevated stakes make this upcoming season a must-watch for pickleball enthusiasts. As the matches kick off, it’s time to get ready to level up the game and witness the legends that will emerge from the court.

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