Club Greenwood Introduces Outdoor Pickleball Courts for Members

An Exciting Addition to Club Greenwood’s Offerings

Club Greenwood has recently introduced four outdoor pickleball courts, which are now available to both club and tennis members. This announcement has created quite a buzz among the members, as pickleball is gaining popularity as an accessible, engaging, and energizing sport.

For All Ages and Skill Levels

One of the great things about pickleball is that it is easy to learn and appeals to a wide range of individuals. From young professionals looking for a fun way to stay active to senior athletes seeking an engaging sport, pickleball caters to all age groups. Its inclusive nature is one of the reasons for its growing popularity worldwide.

A Variety of Opportunities

Club Greenwood aims to make pickleball accessible to all interested members. Aside from the drop-in play sessions, the club offers novice to advanced level clinics, providing opportunities for skill improvement and growth. These clinics are led by pickleball professionals who are experienced and passionate about the sport.

Private and Group Instruction

Members at Club Greenwood can benefit from private and group instruction in pickleball. This personalized approach allows individuals to receive tailored guidance and coaching based on their specific needs and goals. Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or enjoy learning within a group setting, Club Greenwood has got you covered.

Reserve Courts Through the Club Greenwood App

To ensure that all members have equal opportunities to enjoy the pickleball courts, Club Greenwood has introduced an online court reservation system through their app. This feature allows members to reserve pickleball courts, especially during less active times, guaranteeing their access to the courts at their preferred times.

Try Before You Buy

Club Greenwood understands that some members might be new to pickleball or unsure about investing in equipment. To address this, the club provides demo pickleball paddles for members to try out. This way, individuals can get a feel for the sport before making any commitment, ensuring they make an informed decision.


Club Greenwood’s introduction of outdoor pickleball courts is a fantastic addition to their offerings. The accessibility, engaging nature, and inclusive appeal of pickleball make it a perfect fit for members of all ages and skill levels. The club’s commitment to providing a variety of instructional opportunities, including clinics and private/group instruction, further enhances the potential for growth and skill improvement. With the convenience of online court reservations and the availability of demo paddles, Club Greenwood ensures that members have a hassle-free and enjoyable pickleball experience.

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