The Rise of Pickleball: A New Era of Indoor Recreation

A Retirement Community Turned Pickleball Paradise

Sam Brown, an 81-year-old retiree, moved to Broomfield a decade ago with dreams of spending his golden years playing tennis. However, after multiple operations left him unable to run, he stumbled upon pickleball and never looked back. Brown has since become an advanced pickleball player, competing in leagues and tournaments across the country. In 2018, he launched the American Pickleball Association to promote the sport, sell equipment, and organize events nationwide.

Now, Brown is taking his passion for pickleball to a whole new level by opening the Pickleball Food Pub—a state-of-the-art indoor pickleball center and bar. Conveniently located at the former Sears Outlet in Westminster’s Mission Commons Shopping Center, this 25,500-square-foot facility aims to provide pickleball enthusiasts with a dedicated space to play, socialize, and enjoy a variety of amenities.

Meeting the Demand for Year-Round Play

One of the primary motivations behind the Pickleball Food Pub was the desire to offer players the opportunity to enjoy the sport year-round. Unlike outdoor courts, which are subject to weather conditions, the facility boasts eight indoor pickleball courts. Recreational centers often offer indoor courts but prioritize activities for the youth, making access limited for adult players. Additionally, these centers often have unique court surfaces that may not be ideal for pickleball, requiring players to use different balls and shoes. The Pickleball Food Pub aims to address these issues by providing a purpose-built facility designed specifically for the sport.

A Unique Experience Fusing Recreation and Entertainment

The Pickleball Food Pub is not your typical sports facility. In addition to the courts, the establishment offers a bar, event space, and a pro shop selling pickleball equipment. The bar provides various beverage options, including pickle juice shots and a selection of craft beers from Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co, a local brewing company. The event space is available for corporate events and kids’ parties, catering to a broad range of customers. While the name might suggest otherwise, the Pickleball Food Pub does not serve food itself. However, guests are welcome to order food from nearby establishments in the mall, such as Marco’s Pizza and CDs Wings, for delivery to the facility.

Unveiling Colorado’s First Dedicated Pickleball Facility

Although there is already an indoor pickleball facility in Colorado Springs, the Pickleball Food Pub will be the first of its kind in the Denver area. Furthermore, it will be the first indoor pickleball facility in the state to incorporate a bar component. As the founder of a commercial real estate and investment firm, Brown was able to secure the location effortlessly, as the Pickleball Food Pub will be based in the Mission Commons Shopping Center—already owned by Brown for the past 12 years.

Future Expansion and Accessible Pickleball

While the Pickleball Food Pub is a groundbreaking endeavor for the American Pickleball Association, Brown has ambitious plans for the future. He hopes to open franchises of the facility across the United States, with approval already granted for 37 states. Additionally, Brown has his sights set on a second location in Aurora, Colorado, in a shopping center he co-owns. By expanding and making pickleball more accessible, Brown aims to challenge the perception that the sport is only for older generations. He wants to see a change in the demographics of players, with more opportunities for young people to participate in tournaments and events.

A Sport that Bridges Generations

Pickleball’s allure lies in its ability to bring people of all ages together. While traditional sports like tennis often tend to attract older players, pickleball has gained popularity among younger generations as well. Brown highlights the beauty of pickleball in its ability to unite three generations on the court. He shares anecdotes of playing alongside teammates who were in their 20s, 40s, and even grandchildren. This intergenerational aspect further strengthens the appeal and inclusivity of the sport.

As January approaches, anticipation builds for the opening of the Pickleball Food Pub. Players at all skill levels can look forward to participating in leagues and renting courts for a reasonable fee. With the inclusion of a membership option, even more benefits become available, including discounts on court rentals and merchandise. The arrival of this dedicated indoor pickleball facility, coupled with Brown’s vision for the sport’s future, promises to revolutionize the way people engage in recreational activities, breaking the stereotypes and opening doors for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to find joy in the exhilarating game of pickleball.

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