The Growing Popularity of Pickleball

A Racquet Sport that is Fun for All Ages

Pickleball has quickly gained popularity as a fun and engaging racquet sport that combines elements of badminton and tennis. Played with small wooden paddles and a perforated plastic ball, pickleball provides hours of entertainment for two to four players. The game is played on a court similar to a tennis court, but half the size, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

One of the main reasons behind pickleball’s popularity is its ease of learning. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you can enjoy a game of pickleball at your own pace. It’s a low-impact workout that promotes both adult and kids’ health, making it an ideal sport for people of all ages and activity levels.

Indoor Pickleball at Apex Center

If you’re looking to try out pickleball, the Apex Center offers indoor pickleball sessions included with the daily admission fee. From Monday to Friday, you can participate in drop-in sessions from 8 am to 12 pm, with four courts available. On Sundays, the drop-in sessions run from 9 am to 1 pm. However, it’s important to note that balls for drop-in pickleball sessions are not provided, so make sure to bring your own.

Indoor Pickleball at Simms Street Recreation Center

The Simms Street Recreation Center also provides indoor pickleball drop-in sessions from November to March. The drop-in fees vary depending on age and residency, with discounted rates available for residents. The center accepts tier 1 passes, such as Silversneakers, Renew Active, and other insurance-based memberships. The drop-in hours are from 1 pm to 3 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and from 12 pm to 3 pm on Wednesday and Friday.

Indoor Pickleball at Secrest Recreation Center

For another indoor pickleball option, the Secrest Recreation Center offers drop-in sessions with similar fees and discounts as the Simms Street Recreation Center. The drop-in hours are from 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Like the other centers, the Secrest Recreation Center accepts tier 1 passes and insurance-based memberships.

Marquardt-Miles Outdoor Pickleball Court

If you prefer playing pickleball outdoors, the Marquardt-Miles Outdoor Pickleball Court is available for use. However, please be aware that some courts may be closed from July 5th through the first week of August for resurfacing. Additionally, if you make a reservation on a Saturday or Sunday and someone else is on the reserved court, you will need to present your receipt with the correct date, court number, and time of your reservation. If there are still any issues, you can request a reservation slip from the guest services inside the Simms Street Recreation Center.

Pickelball Opportunities and Fees

From April to October, prime-time hours are available for pickleball enthusiasts. Courts can be rented, and there are drop-in fees for individuals who want to join a game. Silversneakers, Renew Active, and tier 1 and tier 2 passes are accepted at these facilities. Free play hours are also offered on weekdays and weekends, with a note that scheduled tournaments take priority over free court time.

Pickleball Leagues and Tournaments

For those looking to get more involved in pickleball, leagues, tournaments, mixers, and skills and drills classes are available. Pickleball leagues run for six weeks, including playoffs, and are divided into different divisions based on skill level. Tournaments and events are scheduled throughout the year, providing competitive opportunities for players. Mixers and skills and drills classes offer a chance to improve your game and meet other pickleball enthusiasts.


Pickleball’s popularity continues to grow, and it’s easy to see why. With its combination of badminton and tennis elements, it offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor play, there are various facilities and programs available to cater to your pickleball needs. So grab a wooden paddle and give pickleball a try – you might just find your new favorite sport. Contact information for more information and to sign up for pickleball leagues and lessons can be obtained by reaching out to Tim Jenkins at 303.420.6280 or

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