Exploring the Best Pickleball Courts Near Denver

A Warm Welcome for Pickleball Enthusiasts

The pickleball community in Denver, Colorado, is fortunate to have a variety of top-notch courts that cater to players of all skill levels. These courts not only provide an inclusive and welcoming environment but also offer excellent facilities and amenities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best pickleball courts near Denver.

1. Growing Gates

Growing Gates boasts eight pickleball courts that cater to a growing community of players. The club’s commitment to inclusivity and an excellent playing experience make it a favorite among enthusiasts. The friendly staff and tennis pros offer various programming options for players of all levels, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to improve their skills and enjoy the game.

2. Goodson Recreation Center

Although primarily known for its basketball court and group activities like yoga, the Goodson Recreation Center also provides pickleball facilities. However, the popularity of pickleball has led to overcrowding on Friday evenings. While still a viable option for some, players looking for a less crowded experience may want to explore other alternatives.

3. Apex Center

Considered one of the best rinks in the state, Apex Center offers two full-sized pickleball courts. The facility hosts regular games, ensuring that enthusiasts always have opportunities to play. The dedicated crew maintains the ice in pristine condition, guaranteeing a fresh and enjoyable experience for players.

Exploring Denver’s Pickleball Scene

When searching for pickleball courts in Denver, it’s important to find the best-fit location. These top-rated courts offer ample parking, convenient changing rooms, and water fountains designed to accommodate larger bottles. Such amenities enhance the overall playing experience and ensure that players can comfortably prepare and stay hydrated during their games.


Denver’s pickleball community is fortunate to have access to a range of excellent courts that cater to their needs. From the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at Growing Gates to the well-maintained facilities at Apex Center, there is no shortage of options for pickleball enthusiasts in Denver. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, these courts provide the perfect environment to develop your skills and connect with other pickleball enthusiasts. So gather your paddle, grab a friend, and head out to one of Denver’s top-rated pickleball courts for an exciting and enjoyable game.

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