Boulder Parks and Recreation Department Supports Pickleball

Exciting Times Ahead for Pickleball Enthusiasts in Boulder

The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department is making strides to support the fast-growing sport of pickleball. With its increasing popularity, the department recognizes the need to provide adequate facilities and opportunities for both new and experienced players to enjoy the game.

To ensure the best experience for pickleball enthusiasts, the department has announced the closure of two courts outside the North Boulder Recreation Center on July 17 and 18. This temporary closure is necessary to install screens, enhancing the playing environment and optimizing player experience. While the closure may inconvenience some players, it is a testament to the department’s commitment to improving facilities for the community.

During the court closure, players can still enjoy pickleball indoors at the recreation centers or utilize the outdoor tennis courts, which have designated pickleball lines. Furthermore, the department offers seasonal adult league play, allowing individuals to test their skills and compete with like-minded players.

The Boulder Parks and Recreation department understands the importance of fostering the growth of pickleball in the community while maintaining their existing facilities. By providing indoor and outdoor options, they ensure that players have access to the sport regardless of weather conditions. This commitment to accommodating players of all levels of experience is commendable and contributes to the popularity of pickleball in Boulder.

In addition to court availability, the department also offers pickleball classes for both beginners and experienced players. These classes provide an opportunity to learn from seasoned instructors and improve skills, further enhancing the overall pickleball experience for participants. Whether an individual is just starting out in the sport or looking to refine their technique, the classes are a valuable resource for players of all skill levels.

While drop-in pickleball is offered inside recreation center basketball gymnasiums, it is important to note that indoor play is only available during the designated drop-in pickleball times. During these sessions, players can enjoy the game without the need to reserve a court in advance. Unfortunately, indoor drop-in play will not be offered at the South Boulder Recreation Center from June 5 to September 4, as the department has allocated additional gym access to South Boulder youth during this period – a decision aimed at supporting the community’s young athletes.

In conclusion, the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department’s commitment to supporting the growing sport of pickleball is truly admirable. From court closures for installation to the availability of indoor and outdoor facilities, the department is doing its best to accommodate players of all levels. With pickleball classes and seasonal leagues, enthusiasts have ample opportunities to improve their skills and connect with other players. This commitment to fostering pickleball’s growth ensures that Boulder remains a hub for the sport and that players can continue to enjoy and excel in their pickleball journey.

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