The Growing Popularity of Pickleball: Building Your Own Court

Pickleball: A Growing Sports Craze

In the year 2020, pickleball, the fast-paced paddle sport, experienced a remarkable growth of 21.3%. The sport’s surge in popularity can be attributed to its accessibility, regardless of age, gender, or skill level, coupled with its sheer enjoyment. Nowadays, more and more individuals are considering building their very own pickleball court. Whether it’s for personal use at home, recreational centers, schools, country clubs, or senior living communities, it is essential to understand the basics of constructing a court.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

To ensure optimal gameplay, pickleball courts should measure 20 x 44 feet for both singles and doubles matches. This court size is identical to badminton courts. However, the main difference lies in the net height, which is lowered to 36 inches on the ends and 34 inches in the middle. When planning the layout of the court, it is vital to allocate adequate space outside the end and sidelines to allow players freedom of movement. For optimal athletic gameplay, it is recommended that the full court, including out-of-bounds areas, measures at least 24 x 54 feet. If space permits, an ideal size of 30 x 60 feet will provide the most athletic level of play.

Surface Materials

Choosing the right surface material for your pickleball court is paramount. The options vary depending on whether you are building a court from scratch or renovating an existing one. Here are some common choices:

– Concrete: Considered the best option in terms of durability and value for outdoor courts.
– Asphalt: An affordable option, but it may require additional upkeep.
– Snap-together Plastic: These surfaces can be applied over asphalt or concrete without permanently altering the existing court. They are particularly useful for multi-use courts.

Perimeter Fencing

For multi-court pickleball establishments, perimeter fencing is crucial. The fence serves multiple purposes, such as containing the ball within the playing area and providing security for players and spectators. Wire fencing is the most common choice, as it allows visibility into and out of the court and permits light to pass through easily. Consulting with experienced contractors, such as North State Resurfacing, can help you select the best fencing option for your specific situation.


If you plan to use the pickleball court when the sun goes down, adequate lighting is essential. A standard lighting format for pickleball courts includes two 1,500-watt light poles, each 18 to 20 feet high. These poles should be mounted in the center, at least 24 feet back from the court.

Pickleball Net Systems

Once you have determined the space, surface materials, and fencing for your court, selecting the appropriate net system is crucial. There are various types of poles and systems available, each with its own characteristics. Outdoor poles are specially designed to withstand the elements. An outdoor pickleball net system typically includes two poles, one ratchet, one outdoor pickleball net, and sleeves (which may or may not be required).

Setting up the Pickleball Court

After finalizing the surface, fencing, lighting, and other materials, it is time to set up the court. It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of professionals, especially if you are constructing a court for a recreation center, club, or school. Professionals can ensure that everything is set up according to regulations, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable pickleball experience for all players.

Contact North State Resurfacing for Your Pickleball Court Needs

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