Opinions on the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships

About the Tournament

The 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships is set to be one of the region’s premier pickleball tournaments. With players from all over Colorado and across the country expected to participate, this event promises to be an exciting and highly competitive affair.

What sets this tournament apart is its sanctioning by USA Pickleball, ensuring that every match will have officials overseeing it. Additionally, the efficient operations of the PT Pro team will ensure that the tournament runs smoothly. These factors create a professional and organized atmosphere that will enhance the player experience.

One commendable aspect of the Rocky Mountain Championships is the inclusion of multiple skill levels, ranging from 3.0 to 5.0. By using UTPR for player rating and seeding placement, this tournament ensures fair competition and allows players of all skill levels to participate.

Team Challenge Event

The addition of a team challenge event makes the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships even more exciting. With cash prizes on the line for the winning teams in each division, the stakes are high. Each team will consist of four players, with two men and two women. It’s great to see that this tournament encourages gender diversity in teams.

Furthermore, the team brackets will be divided into two age groups: 18 to 59 and 60 plus. This inclusion of age groups allows players of different generations to compete against each other, adding a unique dynamic to the tournament.

While these team challenge events are non-sanctioned and won’t affect a player’s UTPR or WPR, the addition of a $4000 prize purse adds an exciting element. The prize money awarded to the winning teams will further motivate players to give their best on the court.

Tournament Format

The tournament format of the Rocky Mountain Championships is well thought out and offers a fair chance to all participants. The double elimination format with come around gives teams the opportunity to still win the gold even if they lose a match. This increases the competitiveness and adds an element of resilience to the tournament.

It’s worth noting that if there are less than five teams registered in an event bracket, the tournament organizers have the option to combine either age or skill levels. While this may initially seem like a disadvantage, it actually provides an opportunity for players to compete against a wider range of opponents. Medals will still be awarded to the winners of the original bracket levels, ensuring fair recognition for their achievements.

Weather and Refund Policy

One crucial aspect that the tournament organizers have considered is the possibility of inclement weather. The policy states that if weather or any other unforeseen circumstance occurs, the tournament will make every effort to ensure that scheduled matches are played. However, they cannot guarantee that all matches will be played if an indoor venue is not available.

The refund policy is clear and fair. Withdrawals made before the cancellation deadline of June 10th, 2023, will receive a refund of all fees paid, except for a $25 cancellation fee. This policy encourages participants to manage their commitments responsibly and allows the tournament organizers to plan accordingly.


Overall, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships promises to be an exciting and competitive pickleball tournament. With its professional organization, inclusion of various skill levels, and the addition of team challenge events, this tournament offers a unique and thrilling experience for players.

The format of the tournament ensures fair competition and provides opportunities for teams to make comebacks even after losing a match. The refund policy and consideration for inclement weather show the organizers’ dedication to a player-friendly experience.

We eagerly anticipate the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships and encourage all pickleball enthusiasts to consider attending and participating in this premier tournament.

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