Improving Your Pickleball Game: Beginner and Advanced Beginner Classes


Are you ready to take your pickleball skills to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced beginner, there are classes available to help you improve your game. In this article, we will explore the different lessons and classes offered, as well as the benefits of participating in these programs.

Beginner Introductory Pickleball Classes

If you’re new to pickleball and want to learn the basics, the beginner introductory classes are perfect for you. For a fee of $40 per person, you will receive three hours of instructions spread across two days. The classes are available on various dates, including Thursday, October 15 and 22, Thursday, November 12 and 19, and Thursday, December 3 and 10, all in 2020.

Skills and Drills Classes

For more advanced beginners and intermediate players who are looking to enhance their skills, the skills and drills classes are the ideal choice. To be considered a beginner advance, you must be able to maintain a rally and have a good understanding of all the pickleball rules. The clinic consists of five lessons, each lasting two hours. The first hour focuses on drilling, while the second hour involves actual gameplay. The cost for this program is $80 per person.

Benefits of Participating

By enrolling in these classes, you will experience numerous benefits that will help you master the game of pickleball. The focused instruction and repetitive drilling in the skills and drills classes will improve your technique, agility, and overall game strategy. By working on a different set of skills during each lesson, such as serving and receiving, dinking and volleying, the 3rd drop shot, ground strokes, and transition/game strategy, you will gain a well-rounded understanding of the sport.

Registration and Availability

It is important to note that registration will close once the maximum number of participants is met, which is set at 16 players. Additionally, there are specific dates available for the skills and drills classes, including October 20 – November 3, November 5 and 19, and December 1 and 15, all in 2020.


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced beginner, taking pickleball classes can greatly enhance your skills and enjoyment of the game. With the variety of lessons available, you can choose the program that best suits your needs and schedule. So, why not take the opportunity to improve your pickleball game and have fun while doing it?


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