Pickleball Fever: The Growing Popularity of the Beloved Sport

Denver’s Pickleball Scene Continues to Thrive

Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, has been steadily gaining popularity in Denver. Despite recent debates and concerns about noise and construction, enthusiasts of the sport still have plenty of places to play in the metro area. Denver Parks and Recreation currently offers six parks with outdoor pickleball courts, ensuring that pickleball lovers can continue to enjoy their favorite sport.

A Community United

The Facebook group “Denver Pickleball United” has become a hub for pickleball enthusiasts, serving as an online gathering place for like-minded individuals. With over 1,500 members, the group supports open play and community, promoting the equitable sharing of limited court resources in the Denver metro area. This sense of community is what made the now-closed Congress Park pickleball courts so special to its members.

Options for Pickleball Enthusiasts

For those who don’t want to pay or are willing to share courts with others, the six parks with outdoor pickleball courts are the perfect solution. Additionally, Denver offers a list of indoor pickleball courts in nearly twenty recreation centers, providing alternative options for players. However, it’s important to note that certain parks, like Eisenhower Park, have restricted playing hours due to noise considerations for nearby neighbors.

An Award-Winning Pickleball Destination

Gates Tennis Center in Cherry Creek has become a hotspot for pickleball enthusiasts, earning the title of Westword’s 2023 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Place to Play Pickleball. In response to the growing demand for the sport, Gates Tennis Center has expanded its pickleball offerings, hiring professional coaches, providing equipment rentals, and offering both structured and open play sessions. The center has even introduced a new pickleball league, called the Top Dog program, which will run from May to November.

Discovering Pickleball Food Pub

If you prefer playing indoors, Pickleball Food Pub in Westminster is the place to be. With eight indoor courts and a full bar, pickleball lovers can book courts by the hour and enjoy hours of entertainment. While there is no kitchen on-site, Pickleball Food Pub has partnered with neighboring businesses, allowing players to bring treats from outside. The facility has over 7,000 members who can access the courts, equipment, leagues, and lessons.

Expanding Pickleball Opportunities in Denver

The pickleball fever is spreading beyond existing locations in Denver. Punch Bowl Social, a popular bowling eatertainment company, plans to open two Camp Pickle locations in Centennial and Globeville in the coming years. These venues will feature thirteen indoor pickleball courts and a bar, giving pickleball enthusiasts even more options to enjoy their favorite sport. Additionally, Wheat Ridge will soon welcome 3rd Shot Pickleball, and Thornton will have its own Chicken N Pickle location by 2024.

Arvada’s Pickleball Haven

For those in Arvada, the Apex Pickleball Courts at the Simms Street Recreation Center have been named the best place to play pickleball by Westword. With both outdoor and indoor courts available year-round, players can participate in drop-in games and various pickleball events, including upcoming tournaments.

As pickleball continues to captivate the hearts of Denver residents, the city’s pickleball community remains strong and vibrant. Whether playing at public parks, private facilities, or upcoming pickleball-focused venues, enthusiasts have an abundance of options to indulge in their love for this beloved sport. So, grab a paddle and join in on the pickleball craze!

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