Opinions on the World Pickleball Rankings

The Most Comprehensive Ranking for Pro and Senior Pro Pickleball Players

The world of pickleball has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with players of all ages and skill levels flocking to the courts. As the sport continues to grow, the need for a comprehensive ranking system becomes even more important. That’s where the World Pickleball Rankings powered by Pickleball Tournaments comes in.

Providing Insight into Player Performance

In order to truly gauge the skill and performance of pickleball players, it is crucial to have a ranking system that takes into account their tournament performances. The World Pickleball Rankings does just that. As the tournament management solution provider to all professional tours, including the PPA and USA Pickleball Tournaments, PickleballTournaments.com is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insight into player performance.

Endorsed by Key Organizations

One of the main strengths of the World Pickleball Rankings is its endorsements. The rankings are officially endorsed by USA Pickleball, the APP Tour, and the US Open Pickleball Championships. This level of endorsement speaks to the credibility and reliability of the rankings, making them a trusted source in the pickleball community.

A Closer Look at the Current Rankings

The current rankings showcase the results from the 2022 tournaments. From the PPA Hertz National Championship to the APP Sunmed Mesa Open, players have been competing at a high level to earn their spot in the rankings. The rankings cover various categories, including singles, doubles, mixed doubles, senior singles, senior doubles, and senior mixed doubles, ensuring that players from all disciplines are recognized.

How the Rankings Work

Understanding how the rankings are determined is key to appreciating their value. Players earn points in pro tournaments based on their placement and wins. These results are updated after each tournament, providing an accurate representation of player performance. Points accumulate over a rolling 52-week window, with older points expiring and being replaced by newer ones. The rankings display a player’s top 15 results, giving a comprehensive overview of their performance.

The Golden Tickets: A Path to the National Championships

One intriguing aspect of the World Pickleball Rankings is the introduction of “Golden Tickets.” Starting in 2022, the top 20 players in each competition category on September 1st will be awarded automatic qualification to the USA Pickleball National Championships. This exciting development adds an extra layer of motivation for players to perform their best and secure their spot in the prestigious event.

Adapting to the Pandemic

As with any aspect of life, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in the world of pickleball. The World Pickleball Rankings recognizes the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic and acknowledges that all aspects of the rankings are subject to change. This adaptability ensures that the rankings remain fair and accurate, even in challenging times.


The World Pickleball Rankings powered by Pickleball Tournaments is a valuable resource for players and fans alike. It provides a comprehensive overview of player performance, supported by endorsements from key organizations. The introduction of Golden Tickets adds an exciting dimension to the rankings and incentivizes players to strive for excellence. As the pickleball community continues to grow, the World Pickleball Rankings will undoubtedly play a crucial role in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of its players.

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