Opinions on the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships

Excitement Builds for the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships

The 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships is set to be a thrilling event for pickleball enthusiasts from Colorado and beyond. As the region’s premier pickleball tournament, it promises to deliver top-notch competition and excitement for players of all skill levels.

One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming championships is the addition of the team challenge event. This new competition will offer cash prizes to the winning teams in each division. With teams consisting of four players, including two men and two women, there will be fierce competition to claim the top spot. The inclusion of two age groups and two skill levels will ensure that teams are well-matched and provide a fair playing field.

It’s important to note that the team challenge events are non-sanctioned and will not affect player ratings or rankings. However, the opportunity to compete for a $4000 prize purse is sure to attract talented players and add an extra level of excitement to the championships. The payout structure, with first, second, and third place teams in each bracket receiving cash prizes, provides plenty of incentive for teams to bring their best game.

In terms of the tournament format, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships will feature a double elimination format with a “come around” option. This means that even if a team loses a match, they still have a chance to win the gold by working their way up through the consolation bracket. This format ensures that teams have multiple chances to showcase their skills and make a comeback.

Another interesting aspect of the tournament is the combination of events if there are less than five teams registered in a particular bracket. This could mean combining age groups or skill levels to ensure that teams have enough competition. The tournament organizers have made it clear that combining events will not change the scheduled day of play, allowing teams to plan accordingly.

The match formats for the championships have been carefully designed to ensure fair and exciting play. Main draw matches consist of a best-of-three game format, with each game going up to 11 points, win by two. Consolation matches follow a one-game format up to 15 points, win by two. These formats provide a balance between competitiveness and efficiency, allowing teams to showcase their skills while keeping the games engaging and fast-paced.

One important consideration for participants is the tournament’s weather policy. As an outdoor event, the Rocky Mountain Championships are subject to weather conditions. While the organizers will make every effort to ensure that scheduled matches are played, there is no guarantee that all matches will take place. It’s reassuring to know that player safety and court conditions will be prioritized in the event of adverse weather or unforeseen circumstances. The tournament’s decision regarding the continuation of matches will be final, taking into account the specific circumstances at play.

Finally, it’s worth noting the registration and refund policies for the championships. Participants who withdraw before the cancellation deadline will receive a refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds or credits will be given after the cancellation deadline unless participants have purchased a registration weather insurance policy. This policy provides coverage in case of weather-related cancellations. It’s an additional option that participants can choose to provide peace of mind.

As pickleball continues to grow in popularity, events like the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships are essential for showcasing the sport and providing opportunities for players to compete at various skill levels. The tournament promises an exciting and competitive atmosphere, where players can demonstrate their skills and forge new connections with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, the 2023 Rocky Mountain Championships is an event not to be missed.

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