Denver Parks and Recreation Prohibits Pickleball at Congress Park

Noise Complaints Lead to Ban on Pickleball

Denver Parks and Recreation has recently made the decision to prohibit the popular sport of pickleball from Congress Park, starting on April 3. This decision comes as a response to numerous noise complaints and concerns from nearby residents. Furthermore, plans for the construction of new pickleball courts at Congress Park and Sloan Lake Park have been canceled.

According to the Denver Parks and Recreation website, the prohibition of pickleball at Congress Park is due to the close proximity to residences. The noise generated by the sport has resulted in consistent violations and could potentially lead to the need for future closures or limited operating hours. The decision made by Denver Parks and Recreation reflects a desire to be respectful of park neighbors, other sports court users, and department resources.

A Growing Popularity and Increasing Noise Complaints

Pickleball, which combines the rules of tennis and ping-pong, has skyrocketed in popularity across the United States in recent years. However, this surge in popularity has also led to a rise in noise complaints associated with the sport. The Los Angeles Times has reported that the noise generated by a pickleball hit can be more than 25 decibels louder than a tennis ball hit. This increase in noise levels has raised concerns among individuals residing near pickleball courts.

Exploring Alternative Solutions for Pickleball Courts

As a result of the ban on pickleball at Congress Park, Denver Parks and Recreation is now actively evaluating other suitable locations for pickleball courts. In addition to this, existing outdoor pickleball courts are being assessed, and standards for new pickleball court locations are being evaluated. Denver Parks and Recreation is committed to supporting the growing popularity of pickleball while ensuring that park neighbors, other sports court users, and department resources are respected.


The decision to prohibit pickleball at Congress Park due to noise concerns showcases the challenge of balancing the interests of the pickleball community with the rights and needs of nearby residents. As the popularity of pickleball continues to grow, it is essential to find solutions that accommodate the sport’s enthusiasts while respecting the peace and tranquility of surrounding neighborhoods. Denver Parks and Recreation’s commitment to evaluating alternative locations and setting standards for new pickleball courts reflects a proactive approach in finding a resolution that meets the needs of all stakeholders involved.

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