The Benefits of LPC Membership and Court Reservations

LPC Court Reservations: A Perk Exclusive to LPC Members

Are you an avid pickleball player looking for an opportunity to play the sport you love with like-minded individuals? Look no further! The Loveland Pickleball Club (LPC) has got you covered. With exclusive court reservations for LPC members, the club offers an incredible benefit that enhances your pickleball experience.

2023 LPC Court Reservations for Open Play

The latest announcement from the LPC has just been posted: the court reservations for open play for the year 2023. From May 1st to September 30th, LPC members can secure their spots on the court and enjoy hours of thrilling pickleball matches. By reserving the court, you have the advantage of ensuring that you can play at your preferred times and avoid any disappointments due to court unavailability.

Connect with Fellow Pickleball Enthusiasts on Social Media

Besides providing court reservations, the LPC also fosters a vibrant pickleball community. If you’re seeking even more opportunities to connect with other passionate pickleball players, be sure to visit the Loveland Pickleball Club’s Facebook group. This thriving online community serves as a platform for discussions, sharing tips and tricks, organizing meetups, and staying up to date with all things pickleball-related.

An Exclusive Membership Perk Worth Embracing

Being a member of the LPC comes with a plethora of benefits, and court reservations are undeniably one of the most remarkable perks. The opportunity to reserve a court exclusively for LPC members ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime and form lasting connections with fellow players who share your passion for pickleball. The convenience of reserving a court for open play between May and September provides both flexibility and reliability, guaranteeing a fulfilling experience on the court.


If you are an enthusiastic pickleball player in Loveland, the benefits offered by the LPC are hard to overlook. The court reservations for LPC members only, from May 1st to September 30th, are a true game-changer for individuals looking to take their pickleball experience to new heights. Additionally, the Loveland Pickleball Club’s Facebook group offers a valuable space for connecting with others who share the same love for the sport. Become an LPC member today and unlock a world of exciting pickleball opportunities.

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