Opinion: The World Pickleball Tour Comes to Colorado

Exciting Pickleball Tournament Heading to Arvada

The World Pickleball Tour (WPT) is set to bring its highly anticipated tournament to the Denver metro area in 2023. From June 23-25, pickleball enthusiasts will gather at the beautiful Marquardt-Miles outdoor pickleball venue in Arvada, Colorado for three days of intense competition.

The WPT is a rapidly growing strictly amateur tournament series that hosted 25 events in 2022 and is planning to host nearly 40 in 2023. What sets the WPT apart from other tournaments is its commitment to grassroots growth and providing valuable competitive experiences for amateur players.

Players from skill and age brackets ranging from 3.0 to 5.0 and 19+ to 70+ will have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and compete for a chance to earn an invitation to the 2024 WPT Amateur Invitational Championships. The championship event boasts an impressive $175,000 cash purse, providing additional motivation for participants to give their all on the court.

One standout aspect of the WPT tournament is the generous registration perks that all players receive. Each participant will receive a WPT player swag bag, complete with personalized items such as a reusable branded tote, hydration and nutrition essentials, court fashion accessories, and a World Tour dri-fit t-shirt. This attention to detail and commitment to player satisfaction goes a long way in ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The format of the tournament will be an unsanctioned round-robin style event, guaranteeing each player eight matches to 11 points, with a win by 2 requirement. This allows for ample playing time and creates a fair and exciting competition.

But the rewards don’t stop there. Winners of each skill/age category will not only earn an invitation to the 2024 championship event but also have the opportunity to compete for a share of the $175,000 cash purse. Silver and bronze medalists, along with participants of the WPT events, will also have a chance to secure a spot on the waitlist for the 2024 championship event.

To add to the excitement, the WPT will be providing sponsored giveaways that will be raffled off during the tournament. Luxury bags, paddles, and more will be up for grabs, adding an extra layer of anticipation and reward for participants.

If you’re itching to be a part of this thrilling pickleball event, don’t hesitate to sign up now. Registration includes a fee that ranges from $60 to $80, depending on the period, as well as a per-event fee of $30. Remember to follow the World Pickleball Tour on Facebook and Instagram (@worldpickleballtour).

The tournament organizers have also taken potential concerns into account. In the case of inclement weather, the tournament will do everything possible to ensure matches are played. However, there will be no refunds or makeup days in the event that weather impacts the tournament, as there is no indoor backup plan for this outdoor tournament.

All in all, the World Pickleball Tour’s arrival in Arvada, Colorado, promises to be an exciting event for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels. With its commitment to grassroots growth and high-quality competitive experiences, the WPT is truly bringing pickleball to the forefront of the sports world. So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness some incredible pickleball action in 2023!

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