Exploring the Exciting World of Pickleball at Colorado’s #1 Public Tennis Facility


Colorado’s #1 Public Tennis Facility, Gates Tennis Center, is not only a haven for tennis enthusiasts but also offers a thriving pickleball community. With a wide range of programs and services catering to players of all ages and skill levels, pickleball at Gates Tennis Center has become a popular choice for those looking to get active and have some fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s something for everyone at this top-notch facility.

Pickleball Top Dog Doubles League

For those who enjoy fun and competitive doubles play, Gates Tennis Center introduces the “Pickleball Top Dog Doubles” league. Held on select mornings and evenings from Tuesday to Sunday, this co-ed league offers a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. With varying levels of play, participants get the opportunity to play with different partners and showcase their skills. The league’s unique scoring system adds an extra layer of excitement, and everyone strives to be crowned the “top dog” on the court.

New Program: Private Lessons and Small Group Sessions

If you’re looking to personalize your pickleball experience, Gates Tennis Center has introduced a new program offering private lessons and small group sessions. Led by top-notch instructors, these lessons aim to help players focus on their specific goals, whether it be improving their strategies, honing their game technique, or even delving into the mental aspect of pickleball. With flexible scheduling options, participants can arrange lessons for themselves or gather a group of friends for a customized learning experience.

Group Classes for all Skill Levels

Gates Tennis Center understands the importance of catering to players of varying skill levels. That’s why they offer pickleball group classes suitable for both beginners and intermediate players. The beginner classes, labeled as “Learn to Play,” are perfect for newcomers to the sport or those needing a refresher on the basics and scoring. Intermediate players can join faster-paced sessions, where they can refine their skills, work on shot selection, and engage in tactical gameplay. These four-week sessions are available at an affordable price, providing a great opportunity for players to enhance their pickleball prowess.

Pickleball Open Play and Court Rentals

Gates Tennis Center recognizes the convenience of open play for pickleball enthusiasts. Their “Pickleball Open Play” program allows players to join in a friendly yet competitive format without the hassle of finding a partner or a group. With limited spots available, early sign-ups are encouraged to secure a spot in the program. Additionally, pickleball courts at Gates Tennis Center are available for rent throughout the week. Whether you want to play a casual game or organize a tournament, booking a court is made simple through their online platform or by contacting their dedicated staff.

Junior Pickleball Programs

To cultivate a love for pickleball at an early age, Gates Tennis Center offers dedicated instructional programs for children aged 5-16. The junior pickleball classes aim to introduce the sport to young players, providing them with a foundation in paddle skills, shot selection, strategy, and point play. With age-specific sessions available throughout the week, children can experience the excitement of pickleball in a safe and fun environment. Parents can sign up their children for sessions on the 10th of each month, ensuring they don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate.

Pickleball Pro Shop

At Gates Tennis Center, pickleball enthusiasts will find a complete pro shop offering a wide range of paddles, balls, and gear. The shop carries renowned brands such as Babolat, Wilson, Head, Joola, and Selkirk. With competitive pricing and a guarantee on products, players can trust the expertise of the staff to help them find the perfect paddle and accessories to enhance their game.


Gates Tennis Center stands out as Colorado’s premier destination for both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts. Their commitment to providing a range of programs and services ensures that players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the excitement of pickleball in a friendly and competitive environment. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, participate in leagues, or simply have fun with friends, pickleball at Gates Tennis Center is a thrilling experience that is not to be missed.

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