Exploring Denver’s Pickleball Scene and its Future

The Beloved Sport Continues to Thrive in Denver Parks

Denver, known for its outdoor activities and vibrant recreational scene, has been a hotspot for pickleball enthusiasts. Despite recent controversies surrounding the sport, it is evident that pickleball continues to thrive in Denver parks. Let’s take a closer look at the current state of pickleball in the city and its future prospects.

Pickleball Courts in Denver

While the closure of the pickleball courts at Congress Park disappointed many players, there are still six parks in Denver that offer outdoor pickleball courts. The Northfield Athletic Complex, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Skyland Park, Huston Lake Park, Bear Valley Park, and Eisenhower Park are some of the locations where players can still enjoy the game they love. The Denver Parks and Recreation department has updated its outdoor pickleball courts map to guide players to these available facilities.

Denver Pickleball United – A Community of Dedicated Players

The closure of the Congress Park courts also led to the formation of the Denver Pickleball United Facebook group. With over 1,500 members, this group aims to promote the equity and sharing of limited court resources in the Denver metro area. The group provides a platform for members to coordinate meetups and share information about other available pickleball courts in the city, such as at MLK and Northfield parks.

Alternatives for Pickleball Enthusiasts

For pickleball enthusiasts who are unwilling to pay or prefer sharing courts with others, the six parks mentioned earlier provide a great alternative. These parks offer opportunities for drop-in play, allowing individuals to join others without the need to form a group. Additionally, Denver’s list of indoor pickleball courts provides players with numerous options, with nearly twenty recreation centers offering pickleball as an option.

Respecting Noise Considerations and Court Rules

While Denver Parks and Recreation seeks to accommodate pickleball players, it is important to be mindful of noise considerations and court rules. Eisenhower Park restricts pickleball play only between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. due to nearby neighbors. Additionally, using tennis courts for pickleball or any sport other than their designated use is not allowed, according to Denver Parks and Recreation rules. Compliance with these regulations will ensure a harmonious relationship between pickleball players and the community.

Expanded Opportunities and Future Developments

Gates Tennis Center in Cherry Creek has taken significant steps to cater to the pickleball community. Offering pro coaches, equipment rentals, and dedicated court time for both structured and open play, Gates Tennis Center strives to be a great community partner. In addition to their existing offerings, the center will soon introduce a new pickleball top dog program in May. This coed doubles pickleball league will run for nine weeks and provide a friendly-competitive atmosphere for players.

Emerging Pickleball Venues in Denver

Pickleball enthusiasts in Denver can also look forward to new venues opening up in the coming years. Punch Bowl Social, known for its bowling entertainment concept, plans to introduce Camp Pickle, featuring thirteen indoor pickleball courts and a bar, to Centennial in 2024 and Globeville in 2025. Similarly, 3rd Shot Pickleball will bring their concept with a bar and thirteen indoor courts to Wheat Ridge. Lastly, Chicken N Pickle, a national brand known for its indoor-outdoor spaces, will be opening a location in Thornton in 2024.

Explore Arvada’s Pickleball Scene

If pickleball pubs and emerging venues don’t interest you, Arvada offers an excellent option for pickleball enthusiasts. The Apex Pickleball Courts at the Simms Street Recreation Center have been recognized as the best place to play pickleball by Westword in 2023. With outdoor courts available year-round and indoor drop-in games during the colder months, the Simms Street Recreation Center provides a versatile and inclusive environment for pickleball players.

In conclusion, Denver’s pickleball scene remains vibrant and diverse, with numerous parks and recreation centers offering opportunities for players to enjoy the sport. From the Facebook community organizing meetups to innovative venues and upcoming developments, pickleball enthusiasts in Denver have plenty of options to pursue their passion. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, the Denver pickleball community welcomes all to join in the fun and competitive spirit of this beloved sport.

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